Building community is about people. In coming to the University of Stirling it is my hope that we can build community together by each of us being the best we can be. It is about valuing our authentic selves, ‘loving each other as we love ourselves.’ My role is not to stand apart, as a facilitator or organiser, but rather to become a community member in a community where decisions are shared, the direction is chosen together, and we all live as well as we can, with holistic spiritual and mental well-being. Whatever our life stance, religion, or belief we can build a community that includes everyone and means we are there for each other through the ups and downs of semester at Stirling.

Living well is all about making connections. We make connections online, in person and through activity. I have a few ways you can connect with me. Patches 4 Peace is a sewing group in: The Green and Blue Space.

And we have the Student Community Garden where we can make connections with the earth, water, plants and work together for a better environment.